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Experience Jamaica

Things To Do at S Hotel Montego Bay

Learn, Play, Chill

Every day is a celebration of the vibrant Jamaican spirit at our hotel. Steep in the rhythm of the Caribbean with activities that range from the laid-back cool of listening to reggae beats by the pool to the heart-pumping excitement of an aquatic volleyball match. From the energetic to the serene, find the groove that fits your current mood.

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Meet at the Lobby | 10 am |
Sign up at the front desk

Heart and Soul Tour

See our hotel from an entirely different perspective. This educational property tour offers insight into Jamaican history and culture through the sculptures, restaurant menus, and musical selections featured at our property.

Experience a Cultural Immersion
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Reggae Band

8:00 PM | hotel main pool

Set the mood for your Jamaican vacation and the tone for each day with the melodies of our in-house reggae band. Enjoy their nightly performances, creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the evening. Whether you're unwinding by the pool or joining the late-night festivities, our talented musicians are here to enhance your experience. 
So grab your towel and get ready to jam!

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Coffee Tasting

Know your beans! at S Hotel Jamaica, indulge in the aromatic smell of our Blue Mountain Coffee. Learn the countless ways the use coffee beans and how to maximize their uses.

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Club S

Saturdays 10:00PM to -2:00 AM

Enjoy or 80’s-90’s Jamaican retro space that is packed for an eventful evening. This spacious area is filled with state-of-the-art equipment Club S is available for event rental, corporate and social functions, and will also be used to show movie premieres, sports events, comedy club and live performances.

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Rum Tasting

Salivate at our Rum Tasting experience with our one-on-one class. Learn about rum culture, history, and styles from our rum expert and a Rummelier.

Book your experiences with our concierge on the property.

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Cooking Demo

Sharpen your cooking skills with our executive chef as he educates you on the varied herbs and spices used in create mouthwatering meals.

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Champagne at Sunset

Sky Deck | 5:30 pm

Few activities say “vacation in paradise” like welcoming the sunset at a rooftop Champagne lounge with a glass-enclosed pool and unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea. Just add bubbly.

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Mixology Class

Elevate your cocktail-making skills at a class led by the professionals behind the bar at Sky Deck. Using fresh, local ingredients, our expert mixologists share the finer points of creating classic and contemporary drinks.

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Paint and Sip

Club S | 5:00 pm

Unwind with an experience that combines the creative joy of painting with the simple pleasure of enjoying a good drink. This engaging class invites you to unleash your inner artist with fellow guests. Sign up at the front desk.

* At an additional cost. Please make reservations with concierge.

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On the Beach | 6:00 am

You can sun salute with the mats available in select suites, or you can flow with the rolling surf as you go from pose to pose at our yoga sessions on the beach. Sign up for classes at the front desk.

* At an additional cost. Please make reservations with concierge.

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Pool Volleyball

Main Pool | 3:00 pm

Feel the energy and excitement of a seaside volleyball match without the sand. Head to our pool and join other guests looking for a spirited game that’s perfect for a fun afternoon of playful competition.

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Water Aerobics

Main Pool | 11:30 am

When you’ve completed your circuit of all the workout equipment at our fitness centre and want something a little different, head to the pool for a refreshing take on cardio with our water aerobics instructor.

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Floating breakfast

Swap breakfast in bed, or a buffet and elevate your breakfast experience with and array of selections floated to you in our Sky deck pool, while embracing the beautiful sunrise and the deepest blue waters of the Caribbean.

* At an additional cost. Please make reservations with concierge.